Safe Satanism

Satanism is just fine for the Jewish powers and their Christian cohorts as long as:

The examples above are SAFE SATANISM. What the enemy fears the most is our *knowing* that SATAN IS A REAL BEING and our communicating with him. Satanic organizations who promote that "Satan is only an archetype" or the Christian concept of Satan, that he is an "archangel" or and/under the power of the Judeo/Christian God are the ones who get the most support and publicity, no different from the Christian Churches.

It is acceptable to believe in the Judeo/Christian "God" but if you really believe in Satan as your God, it becomes a whole different matter.

The biggest fear the Jews have is that of the Gentiles waking up to their lies and crimes against humanity and worst of all, our accessing the powers of the mind known as "BLACK MAGICK."

If Satan and/or his Demons have helped you in some way, you can repay their generosity and kindness by working to destroy the enemy through psychic means.