Satanic Baptism

True Satanism is very much a celebration of life. If a child is born at the time of one of the Sabbats, this is an additional blessing. The birth of a child is a special occasion and all Satanic births should be hailed and celebrated. The Satanic baptism is the beginning of protection and guidance from Satan and his Demons who will also direct the child to make the most of his/her special gifts and abilities.

The infant should be dressed in black as this shows opposition to the false RHP religions.

The parent/s stand to the east of the altar holding the child.

The High Priest/ess rings the bell, opens the ceremony with the invocation to Satan, drinks from the chalice, and invokes the Four Crowned Princes of Hell.

High Priest/ess:  There is a newcomer to the Family of Satan

Congregation:  HAIL SATAN!!

High Priest/ess:  What is the name of this child?

Parent/s:  (say the name of the child)

High Priest/ess:  We welcome you _______ the family of Satan

High Priest/ess:  Do you wish to dedicate this child to Satan?

Parent/s:  We/I do, for without Satan and the knowledge and gifts he brings us, no life is complete.

High Priest/ess:  Lord Satan, we ask that you bless this child, guarding and guiding him/her throughout life, keeping him/her strong in your ways. When the time is right, bring him/her to your altar once again to dedicate him/herself anew into your service.

Parent/s (to child):  May his Infernal Majesty, Lord Satan and the Powers of Hell smile upon you and watch over you throughout your life, guiding you on the Left Hand Path.

High Priest/ess:  In the Name of Satan and before the Powers of Hell, we welcome you, (name of child), into the Family of Satan.

Congregation: HAIL SATAN!!


The High Priest/ess then closes the ceremony.

After the baptism, there is feasting and celebrating.

The child should be brought up in the old ways and to honor Satan and his Demons. At puberty, he/she may perform the dedication of his/her own free will. This is when he/she is old enough to make the decision on his/her own and to fully understand. At this time, he/she may choose a magickal name.


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